Hope is what we are traveling on

Hope is what we are traveling on

They leave their houses, leave their homes

Against their human sanity

Thousands of humans on the run

From inhumanity

They are traveling on hope


Everything is different here

Everyone speaks different here

They tell you to behave their way

They see you as danger or the prey

You are traveling on hope

Zeichnung: Felix Scheuer

They look at her differently

“You don’t look like us”

She´s trapped in her timidity

No one there to trust

She is reaching out for hope

Zeichnung: Felix Scheuer

“Hey you wanna play with me?”

A little boy tries to see

Behind the hatred, behind the fear

Finally, friendship, acceptation near

He is giving her hope

I still miss home and all I knew

It seems to be so long ago

It sometimes makes me kind of blue

But support of friends let me grow

My hope is slowly rising


We are all humans after all

We should catch everyone who falls

What makes you better than the others?

Why make a difference in nations or colors?

We are all traveling on hope!


von Maike und Levina


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